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Butong team:
Benjamin Levy, Augustin Brisedou, Sylvain Gauffilier


From the first cameras construction to sci-fi film production as the sixth element, Gaumont history has been built on the concept of innovation. The refurbishment of the Gaumont museum was based on the idea of reviving this glorious avant garde past in order to continue the dream, while placing the company in the present time.

Butong was chosen to design the new museum’s showcases that would illustrate this idea.
By using thin Butong Struktur panels the showcase walls and ceiling were transform in a dynamic light installation.
The panels are only one centimeter thick allowing the light to sparkle all over the installation.
The walls are transformed in organic elements, creating a surrealistic atmosphere around the costumes and exposed items.
The lighting system is integrated in a wooden structure that support the concrete panels.

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