Grüne Wände



Our indoor plant walls usually have tropical plants that create a healthy and beautiful indoor environment. The flexible production process enables great variety and location-specific solutions. Complex parametric shapes can be crafted with millimeter accuracy. Butong looks good in itself. The background to the plants – the actual butong panel – is used as interior decoration in exclusive environments. Our vertical gardens do not need to be 100% covered with plants at all times to look good. It allows plants to develop over time and play out their role.

The aesthetic value of the Butong panel opens up for cheap maintainance. It also means we can easily use strong perennials without any strain on the construction. We can start from seed or seedling and give the plants the best setting for strong growth.

Accenture reception before plants


Accenture reception one year later

Fully automatic or partly manual – watering systems are carried out according to your needs. Working with a tank ensures that all nutrients stay in the system. Tanks needs filling approximately every month – depending on size. For exterior walls, rainwater can be easily used to run the system.

Koppar tank

Green wall with copper tank

växtvägg och paneler

Green Wall at Karolinska Univerity hospital

Your choice of folded or inox frames. Folded frames enable 3D-panels, simulating nature, allowing vegetation to be as random as it sometimes can be. For exterior walls, this is an advantage and keep maintenance minimal.

vikta kanter

Folded edges

Grön Fasad

Steel frame


Our green walls create a reflective light within buildings. Which contributes to a healthy atmosphere. Felt based dark systems eat light and demand full coverage to not transform into ugliness.

Roslagstulls Recycling center

Roslagstulls recycling centre


Acoustic Walls

Acoustic walls



Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens